Scarves are beautiful accessories that add personality to your look. It is therefore important to handle your scarves with care. The more you care for them, the more they are likely to look new for many years.

Caring for a scarf is simple and requires only minimum efforts to follow. Here I give you some advice that I hope you will find useful.


First of all, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that you find on the label of your scarf.
  • If the scarf requires dry cleaning, do not attempt to clean it at home as it may lose some of its beauty.
  • If the scarf requires hand washing, put the scarf in cold water (either in a sink or a large bowl), add some soap or a gentle detergent, gently squeeze the scarf until it is completely wet and soak it in the water for about 20 minutes. Then pour away the soapy water and rinse the scarf with some cool water until the water runs clear. Finally squeeze any excess of water from the scarf.
  • If the scarf can be machine-washed, then it means it is safe to do so. However, remember to never put a scarf in the washing machine at a temperature higher than the one recommended, and always use a gentle non-bleach detergent.
Second, it is recommended to allow the scarf to air dry, this way it will last much longer compared to using a tumble dryer. Third, if necessary, you can iron your scarves at a low temperature.


There are two options to store your scarves when you are not wearing them:
  • Either fold your scarf without creasing it, and store it in a dark dry drawer or box.
  • Or hang it over a padded hanger in your wardrobe.
To protect your wool and cashmere scarves it is a good idea to put lavender sachets or Aleppo soap in the drawer where you keep your scarves. Both the natural aroma of lavender and of the scent Aleppo soap (a natural soap made according to ancient Syrian tradition of laurel leaves oil and olive oil) act as a moth repellent and give your scarves a lovely fresh smell.

Thank you for choosing Bellissima Scarves. Enjoy the experience!

Useful Tips